Smarter blockchain applications need smarter oracles.

Introducing Moracle, the decentralized and programmable oracle.

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What is an oracle?

The code of a blockchain application must be 100% deterministic. This is necessary in order for other nodes to verify the outcome of the code.

This means that there are some limitations on the functions that blockchain applications can perform. Blockchain code cannot:

In order to perform these functions, an outside entity (known as an oracle) must request/generate the data needed, and embed it in the blockchain for the decentralized application to access. However, existing oracle implementations are centralized or expensive.

Moracle aims to solve these problems by offering an inexpensive, decentralized, and fast oracle service.
Built on the Lisk Blockchain Application Platform, Moracle will allow for connected and dynamic decentralized apps.


Decentralized data service

Anyone will be able to operate a Moracle node, and multiple nodes must agree on a query result before it is accepted by the network. The network will be fully distributed and decentralized, which allows for high availablity and trustless verification.

Dynamic and programmable queries

Query the Moracle network in real time with simple JSON objects. No need to set up a data source ahead of time! The network will be entirely accessible through the JavaScript API, and wrappers will be available in numerous other programming languages!

MRCL Token

All transactions in the Moracle ecosystem will be paid for by the MRCL token. Node operators will be able to earn money by providing a reliable data provider, and blockchain app users will pay the node operators using MRCL tokens.

Token details

Lisk and beyond

Moracle will be built with the upcoming Lisk SDK, but will also implement support for both ILP and Cosmos's IBC allowing for a diverse ecosystem of dApps to interact with the open internet.

Want to learn more? Read the whitepaper for more details.

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Delegate StellarDynamic is supporting the project with a 5% share of his forged Lisk. This contribution will greatly help fund the development, design, and testing required to make Moracle great. Thank you for the support!

Token distribution

Moracle is a project by and for the Lisk community. As such, we wanted to ensure that MRCL tokens are distributed fairly. If you're interested in earning MRCL tokens to be distributed at the launch of the sidechain, vote delegate StellarDynamic.

Your vote will:

  • Support the development of Moracle.
  • Allow you to instantly start receiving Lisk forging rewards from the StellarDynamic pool.
  • Grant you 32 MRCL tokens for every LSK you earn, beginning December 21st, 2017.
  • Contribute towards future Lisk meetups and other Lisk USA projects.

In addition to this voter reward program, an ICO will take place on the Lisk platform.

  1. Total supply for voters and initial offering: 15,000,000
  2. Undistributed supply will be distributed at sidechain launch to voters based on their vote weight.
  3. Forging rewards: 1 MRCL per 10s block, reduced by .1 after first year, then each 6 months afterwards until reward reaches .5 MRCL.
  4. Reserved tokens will be used to fund development bounties, reward early node operators, and support continued development.
  5. Support is planned for Lisk's decentralized exchange.
  6. These values are subject to change before launch.


Moracle will be completely open source and licensed under the MIT license. Lisk was chosen due to its use of JavaScript over a custom language such as Solidity. JavaScript is advantageous because it allows developers to begin using the platform with a minimal learning curve due to the language being popular and well documented. A full roadmap for Moracle will be released shortly after the Lisk SDK becomes available.


Jackson Roberts

Whitepaper author and lead developer

Hi! I'm a professional software developer and I've been involved in the cryptocurrency community since 2012. I'm very excited about Lisk, and am looking forward to building applications on the platform. I am currently the Boulder Community Ambassador and am the host of the Lisk Boulder Blockchain Meetups.

Edward Trosclair


I'm a blockchain advocate and Lisk community leader from New Orleans, LA with education in Information Technology. I am the project lead of and a delegate who secures the Lisk Network. My studies include consensus, game theory, and development.

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